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San Francisco is not friends with Lorde anymore

In a really strange turn of events, Lorde’s song “Royals” has been banned by several San Francisco radio stations for the duration of the World Series.

Well, it seems like Lorde has been entangled in something that is far bigger than all of us… The 17-year-old New Zealand singer has been dragged into a World Series rivalry between the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals. The obvious question here is, how in the world… ?

Whoa, Lorde should look like this more often! >>

Two very passionate San Francisco radio stations have banned Lorde’s hit “Royals” for the duration of the World Series to — supposedly — keep up the morale of their home team. Kansas City’s KZPT, in return, has vowed to put the single into the highest of rotations to even things out. Some people really love their baseball teams, eh?

“We won’t let their anti-Royals spirit ruin this moment,” stated Tony Lorino, the station’s program director. “A few angry San Franciscans who don’t have a song called Giants won’t rain on our parade.”

The funny thing is, Lorde was actually inspired by the Kansas City Royals to pen her incredibly popular song. She told VH1 that she saw a photo of the team’s George Brett signing autographs on the cover of National Geographic, wearing his team uniform and really liked the sound of the word “Royals.” So, San Francisco is not completely off its the rocker banning the song. Maybe a little too fanatical though.

Lorde is indeed 17: Here are some of her quotes to prove it! >>

As an antidote, the San Francisco can put Vampire Weekend’s song “Giant” or anything by the indie band Young the Giant on heavy rotation. You know, just to balance everything out. We’re sure the hipster baseball fans out there will appreciate the poignancy of that. What do you think of all this? Is San Fran overreacting a little?

Video credit: Fueled by Ramen/YouTube

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