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Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon have a beautiful breakdance conversation (VIDEO)

We love this so much! Brad Pitt joined Jimmy Fallon in an amazing breakdance conversation, and it changed our lives ever so slightly. These two are hilarious together!

Photo courtesy of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

If you have time to watch only a single video today or even this week, make it this one. We can’t even really describe the sheer, unadulterated jubilance of seeing Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon have a “Breakdance Conversation” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. It truly brings a tear to one’s eye…

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We’ve seen Pitt and Fallon engage in a yodel conversation in the past, but things got pretty physical in their latest “chat,” and it was — dare we say — epic. Fallon, exhausted from a day’s work, ventured into a sketchy, poorly lit basement to blow off some steam with a breakdancing session, and was met by Mr. Pitt himself. The two then had a sweet conversation about life using rhythmic body language. Take a look:

Video courtesy of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

OK, so we’re thinking this should be the standard method of communication at board meetings or any presentation, yes? Life would be much more vibrant. It’s amazing to see Pitt, a highly acclaimed actor, show off his funny side and indulge Fallon in these little skits. The actor always comes off so serious; it’s refreshing to see him loosen up. We would like to see Pitt co-host The Tonight Show with Jimmy. All in favour, say “aye”!

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What’d you think of their moves? Which other activities should Pitt and Fallon have a conversation through? We nominate the accordion, salmon fishing and tango.

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