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Are you ready for a new round of #JaredHugginLeto?

Jared Leto has pretty much just challenged the entire internet to create a new storm of memes involving another tree-hugging photo. Way to go, Jared!

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Holy mother of Zeus, this is going to start an avalanche of amazing. Jared Leto has dared the internet to spawn an endless army of memes yet again, by posting another tree-hugging photo on Instagram. Sweet Hercules, help us all.

If you remember, the first time the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman posted a tree-embracing shot, the World Wide Web dubbed him “Jared Huggin’ Leto” and Photoshopped his body to hug pretty much everything. From the Empire State Building to President Barack Obama’s face, nothing was off limits. Just in case you missed it, this was the original shot that started it all:

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And then he tackled President Obama’s face.

And New York City.

And the entire forest.

And even pancakes.

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And dolphins.

The new Jared Huggin’ Leto photo is already making waves on social media, with a few photos popping up here and there. We would like to see this grow and develop into an entire movement. Internet, do your thang. Our minds are ready!

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