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If you love Adventure Time, you need to watch this (VIDEO)

YouTube’s Gritty Reboots has released a faux live-action trailer for Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, and it’s the best thing we’ve seen in a while.

Photo courtesy of Charles Norfleet / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Whoa! This completely blew our minds. YouTube’s Gritty Reboots has turned Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time into a badass live-action movie trailer, and it’s awesome, dudes! The trailer is set in the Land of Ooo, but it’s much darker, twisted and emotional. The weirdest part is seeing the Adventure Time characters looking so realistic. It’s very eerie…

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Video courtesy of Gritty Reboots / YouTube

We must emphasize that despite this trailer looking mighty professional and boasting an intriguing plot line, it is not real. We repeat: This is not a trailer to a real Adventure Time movie. But wouldn’t it be incredible? We’re not going to lie; this little snippet of video made us very emotional. Not just because we got to see our favourite characters represented in a more realistic format, but also because Gritty Reboots managed to forge a temporary connection between us and them.

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On a completely different note, the live-action Finn is freaky. The fact that he looks like he can grow facial hair and rent a car is a little unsettling. Jake, on the other hand, looked pretty neat. We think these YouTubers did a fantastic job designing him — although he did look like a live pile of hay from certain angles.

We sincerely hope Hollywood is paying attention right now: Hire these guys to make a live-action Adventure Time movie. We and thousands of YouTubers are willing to pay top dollar to see this thing happen.

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