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Stephen Collins has effectively ruined 7th Heaven for us forever

Not even in a million years would we think that 7th Heaven actor Stephen Collins would be accused of child molestation, yet it is so. The actor is currently under investigation.

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We’d like to think we can separate the personal lives of actors from their work, but we have learned we absolutely cannot. Case in point: Stephen Collins — who played one of the most beloved fathers in TV history on 7th Heaven — is currently under investigation for child molestation after a tape of him confessing the crime to his estranged wife was released by TMZ. Our lives have been successfully unravelled by the news…

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Collins and wife Faye Grant are presently amidst a lengthy divorce process, with the latter secretly recording the actor confessing to child molestation during a therapy session. During the recording, Collins admits to molesting or exposing himself to at least three young girls, one of whom was revealed to be an 11-year-old relative of his ex-wife, Marjorie Weinman. The New York Police Department is in possession of the tape and is now investigating the allegations. Collins was allegedly under investigation for the same tape back in 2012 by the Los Angeles Police Department, but the case was dismissed when no victims could be verified.

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Following the news, Collins was immediately dropped from Ted 2 and has resigned from his position on the National Board of the Screen Actors Guild.

We feel many of us are currently battling with shock, considering Collins was such an important figure during his 7th Heaven days, playing Reverend Eric Camden. Of course, all that is tainted now. There’s no way we can watch a single episode of that show without looking for hints about Collins’ secret goings-on. He played a reverend, for Pete’s sake! We feel so unsettled. He was a figure of trust during our younger days. The entire series is ruined now, for too many reasons…

1. He was our favourite TV dad

Jim Carrey
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Where our dads failed in our youthful eyes, Mr. Camden succeeded. He was the wise father we always dreamed of. Of course, now we’ll be suppressing any memory of him, ever.

2. We listened to his advice

Parks and RecCourtesy of gneppi123 / Reddit and NBC

Whether it was about boys or body image, we listened. Now, we really need to reassess our lives. All of that advice just seems ironic at this point.

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3. We wanted to be one of his daughters

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Sure, he’s a made-up character and not actually Rev. Camden, but his face is the image of that character. It’s difficult to completely separate the two. We’re just going to go and hug our fathers now.

Well, that’s that. The position for our favourite TV dad is officially open to submissions. We hope the investigations into Collins’ criminal past will bring some closure to the victims. What do you think of the shocking news?

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