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There’s a campaign to prevent Nickelback from playing in London

A very dedicated man in London has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to prevent Nickelback from ever coming to London again.

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It’s always nice to see crowdsourcing websites being used for the greater good of humanity… Case in point: A fellow across the pond, named Craig Mandall, loathes the Canadian rock group Nickelback with what appears to be a fervent, burning passion and has taken it upon himself to prevent the band from ever performing in London again. Think of it as a public service.

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Mandall is hoping to raise $1,000 through crowdsourcing via Tilt to rescue countless individuals from ever hearing a single Nickelback tune. The campaign is very adequately titled “Don’t Let Nickel Back.” Pretty clever, right? The reasoning behind this immense hatred toward the Canuck band is explained with a simple “Go listen to them.” Fair enough. Fair. Enough.

“Just imagine, thousands — perhaps tens of thousands of music lovers — all not witnessing an exclusive concert by Nickelback in London. It will be glorious. Legendary. Dare we say, game changing?” reads the campaign’s page.

The campaign does clarify that proceeds will go to charity or “perhaps therapy for those who’ve been affected by the band” and are not for personal gain. Thus far, the cause has been able to gather $189 of its $1,000 goal, with 26 days left to go.

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We’re not sure if we’re just thinking too simply about this, but wouldn’t it be much easier to just not attend a Nickelback concert? That would be the best way to boycott the band and to prevent them from ever setting foot on British soil again. Maybe we’re just crazy, but it might just work!

So, if you want to help our British brethren and save them from Nickelback music, then donate to this cause. This also inspired us to consider launching a campaign to raise money to build an armed system at the Canadian border to prevent Justin Bieber from ever returning. Anyone in?

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