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Just so you know, Drake is now more popular than The Beatles

So Drake has finally surpassed The Beatles for most appearances on the Billboard Hot 100. This signifies a major ongoing shift in our music culture.

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Well, this happened. You know how The Beatles are one of the greatest and most influential bands of all time? Not anymore, it turns out. In fact, they’ve just lost their spot on the most singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart to Drake. Yes, Drake.

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To be even more honest, The Beatles were already in the eighth spot on that list, being slowly edged out by modern artists. The band’s demise at the hands of Drake’s verses is just another sign of a cultural shift and the dominance of millennial performers. Things are a-changin’, people.

The top chart appearances are currently occupied by the cast of Glee at number one with 207 hits, Elvis Presley with 149, Lil Wayne with 122, James Brown with 91, Jay Z with 82, Ray Charles with 74, Aretha Franklin with 73, Drake with 72, The Beatles with 71 and Elton John with 68. So the classic artists, formerly considered immortalized on such charts, are now being phased out by new music like Glee covers, which may never be surpassed. Seriously, 207 chart appearances? That’s crazy talk.

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So, let’s talk sanctity. If these charts were ever viewed historically, it would appear on paper that Drake is a better artist than The Beatles, and Lil Wayne is much better than James Brown. But are they? Some of the artists on this chart influenced generations but are overtaken by present-day performers with arguably less artistic value. Glee had the most singles on Billboard Hot 100 in all of history but achieved that on the backs of other artists, whose songs the collective covered. Is that fair? The only exception to this chart is, of course, Jay Z, who is modern but was also a music pioneer, actually giving way to subsequent chart toppers like Lil Wayne and Drake.

So, are these charts accurate captions of our present taste in music, or is it getting too easy to get a single on the Billboard Hot 100? What do you think?

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