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Pink and Dallas Green’s new single is going to be stuck on replay (VIDEO)

Pink and Dallas Green’s new musical collaboration You + Me has released a new single, “Capsized,” which pleasantly surprised us. The group proves that it has a lot to offer.

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OK, we will be the first to admit that when we heard Pink and Canadian love-lump Dallas Green were forming a folk music duo called You + Me, we were quite skeptical. To be even more honest, the group’s first two singles “You and Me” and “Break the Cycle” did not impress us in the slightest. While there’s no doubt that Pink (real name Alecia Moore) and Green’s vocals melt together in a very beautiful way, You + Me lacked a hook — that somethin’ somethin’ setting them apart from the slew of indie-folk artists out there.

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And just when we were about to give up on this new band, You + Me released a third single, “Capsized,” off their debut album rose ave. and it blew us away. This song, unlike the first two singles, had a simple — yet infectious — melody and actually took advantage of the duo’s incredible voices. What we got was a folksy song, interlaced with very almost soulful vocals, which turned out amazing. Listen for yourself:

Video courtesy of YouplusMeVEVO/YouTube

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Wasn’t that great? This should be You + Me’s hook! Take Pink and Green’s powerful vocals, use them to the fullest, and harmonize with folk instrumentals. Boom. There may be hope for these two yet. Of course, the duo is still figuring out its footing and sound, so we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. rose ave. is coming out on Oct. 14, so keep an eye out!

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