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All men should follow Mario Lopez’s advice on romance

Mario Lopez is perfect, and no one can ever change that. The TV personality joined Howard Stern on the latter’s SiriusXM radio show to chat about love and relationships.

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Is it any surprise that the insanely handsome Mario Lopez has learned the ways of love? No, not even a little. We would just like to request that all males henceforth follow Lopez’s endless wisdom in their own relationships. Please and thank you!

Lopez — who is married to the beautiful Courtney Mazza, with whom he has two children — paid a quick visit to Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show on Tuesday to talk about the wonder of love and proper timing. This guy has got it down pat. Men, pay attention!

1. About meeting “the one”

OK, so we’ve all been somewhat raised on the belief that one day the clouds will part, and a single, golden ray of light will shine upon your predestined soul mate in a crowded city street, with angels playing the lyre in the background… Full disclosure: That will probably not happen ever. Lopez has the right idea here, stating, “The timing in your life as an individual, the timing in the other person’s, it’s really gotta make sense.”

He added, “There is no ‘right one.’ You can meet an amazing girl, but if she comes when you’re not ready, you’re just gonna mess it up… It’s all about the right time.”

Boom! This is the truth, people!

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2. Don’t date with the intent of getting married

If you are bent on getting married, that’s all fine and dandy, but don’t look for a potential mate with that intent. Why? Because not only is that an insane amount of pressure for your love interest, but it will also make you more inclined to scrutinize the crap out of that person. Lopez got lucky with his wife only because he was looking “for a companion or maybe to just kinda chill,” and not “necessarily looking to get married.” Take it easy, and just get to know the other person without picking out china patterns.

3. Don’t end a relationship in “an ugly way”

If things don’t work out, Lopez suggests always cutting off the relationship in an amicable fashion, saying, “You can’t end things in an ugly way. You gotta be a man about it. You gotta come correct.” This person was a huge part of your life for a moment in time; treat them with the respect they deserve. Hopefully they will return the favour instead of pooping in your favourite shoes and setting your room on fire. Fingers crossed!

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4. How to be friends with your exes

Lopez told Stern that he is friends with most of his exes, and that is a skill we all should learn. Here’s what he had to say on the subject:

“I’ve always had the kind of attitude that they were a part of your life and there’s no reason why you cannot be friends. I don’t think you need to be friends immediately; you kinda need to let the… You gotta mourn the death of the romantic relationship, right? But after some time…”

This is sound advice for all of us, but it’s even better for men to hear it coming from a fellow dude who also happens to be a major stud. Just because you’re ridiculously good-looking doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk, OK?

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