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Is Living With Spoilers the best or the worst thing ever?

A new website launched by Netflix allows users to watch randomly selected short video clips of spoilers from famous movies and TV shows. Good idea, bad idea?

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If you’re somebody who basks in the sanctity of your favourite television shows and movies, this new Netflix website will be your kryptonite. For the rest of you, read on with confidence.

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Netflix has launched a fun new website, Living with Spoilers, allowing users to view random short video clips (Russian roulette-style) of famous movies and shows available through the on-demand service, revealing huge spoilers about major plot points. This is obviously meant to be a fun little activity and not a malicious destruction of your dreams. So, if you don’t want to know the big plot twists of Forrest Gump, The Graduate or the second season of Scandal, avoid this website at all costs.

Living with Spoilers
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So, this is a nifty little website for fans of Hollywood productions. It’s also a great reminder of some of the best films and shows out there that you may have forgotten about. The best part is that after you’re done watching a spoiler, you can actually watch the movie or show on Netflix (if you’re signed up) — since all of the featured clips come from available titles within the service. Cool, right?

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Of course, this could also be detrimental for anyone accidentally clicking on the website and ruining their lives or for anyone underestimating the spoiling power of this game. This is a powerful machine; it will wreck an entire film for you. Use it wisely.

What do you think? Will you be checking it out or are you too afraid to spoil yourself?

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