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Adam Driver looks like a precious baby-child in these yearbook photos

Oh, Adam Driver, how we love you so! One of the actor’s former classmates posted a few yearbook photos on Twitter and they’re absolutely precious!

Photo courtesy of Dave Bedrosian/Future Image/

Don’t you hate it when someone digs up an old yearbook photo of a celebrity and it turns out that he or she was always friggin’ beautiful? It’s like there used to be some kind of magical silver basin of gorgeousness that all meant-to-be famous babies were bathed in, while our parents hosed us off in an inflatable pool of mediocrity in the backyard. Well, not this time, people. Today, we take back the night. Or day. Whatever you want.

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A kind sir by the name of Brian Doty — one of Adam Driver’s former classmates — shared some amazing yearbook photos of the pre-fame actor and, we must say, these are pretty juicy. As in, Driver just looks like your average run-of-the-mill drama kid attending Beiger Junior High and Mishawaka High School in Mishawaka, Indiana. He’s so precious!

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Driver actually looks like a human being and not a demi-god. He also kind of looks like a dork — which is a beautiful thing. We can all relate to that. But look at Driver now. Women are swooning all over him and he’s got stacks on stacks on stacks. We wonder if anyone made that call on Adam’s potential back in junior high.

So, the lesson here is: School doesn’t define you and Adam Driver is adorable.

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