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Miley Cyrus’ Mexican flag twerking: Offensive or not?

Miley Cyrus is in a fair bit of trouble, after being flogged with a Mexican flag, whilst twerking, during a concert in Monterrey. She is now under investigation.

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As surprising as this may be, Miley Cyrus is in the midst of a controversy yet again. This time, the singer may have taken her twerking game a little too far and may now be forced to pay a serious price.

During a concert in Monterrey, Mexico, this week, Cyrus was doing her twerking thang with a prosthetic booty (obviously) and at some point was spanked with a Mexican flag by one of her backup dancers. The butt-flogging incident did not sit so well with Francisco Trevino, a Monterrey lawmaker, who has called upon the government to investigate the incident and dish out a proper punishment for the singer for disrespecting the country. Per Mexican law, Cyrus could be fined up to $1,200 or sentenced to 36 hours in jail. Yikes!

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But was the incident actually offensive, given the setting? First of all, we must emphasise that Cyrus’ butt-spanking extravaganza was unlawful. In Mexico, desecration of the Mexican flag is punishable by law and being flogged by it, while twerking, definitely would qualify as “desecration.” Our only problem with the charge is that Miley was not the one doing the spanking — the backup dancer was wielding the flag. We’re not sure why Cyrus is the one being investigated. The tour organisers should have probably brushed up on Mexican law prior to the concert though.

Second of all, while it may seem like overreacting to us, many countries take symbols of their states more seriously than we do in Canada. Flags are almost like holy objects in some parts of the world and must be respected. If Cyrus was spanked with a Canadian flag at a concert in Vancouver, we may not even bat an eyelash, because what else would you expect at a Miley Cyrus concert? But she should mind the customs and laws of other countries.

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So, we must ask again, was the incident actually offensive? To us, perhaps not. But it did not happen here, so we must judge it from a different angle. Cyrus should respect the laws of the countries she tours, since it also shows respect for her fans. What do you think?

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