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Joe Manganiello is a mountain of muscle now!

Joe Manganiello is preparing to take on Magic Mike XXL and has been bulking up at the gym. We’re not kidding — the man is ginormous in the best possible way.

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OK, Joe Manganiello is no stranger to the gym. To be honest, he probably has a sleeping cot in every exercise room in America. But this is just getting out of hand!

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The 37-year-old True Blood actor has showcased his muscle-building progress in preparation for Magic Mike XXL (the sequel to the first) on Twitter and all we can say is — Sofia Vergara is one lucky lady. Seriously, the man has a mountain range growing on his arms. An adult human being can ski on those things!

Manganiello is reprising his role as Big Dick Richie (charming, we know) and seems to be taking the “XXL” part of the movie’s title quite seriously. We just need a moment… No, those can’t be real! He must have inflated his arms or had basketballs implanted in there. Those guns are just so distracting.

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We are pretty excited about the Magic Mike sequel. Not only was the first film hilarious, but we got to see a whole bunch of half-naked hotties stripping and that’s what life is really all about. The second movie will see the return of Channing Tatum, Manganiello and Matt Bomer as the gang takes a trip to Myrtle Beach for a convention. Obviously, we’re assuming, somewhere along the way they will have to strip.

It looks like Magic Mike XXL is going to be huge (get it?). The movie is slated for release in July 2015. What do you think of Manganiello’s ever-growing muscles?

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