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Hey girl, forget all your troubles with Ryan Gosling memes

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes welcomed a baby girl last week, but that’s no reason to be upset! Indulge in some memes, and feel a whole lot better.

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We understand that the entire womanhood of the world is currently enveloped in misery since Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes officially welcomed their first daughter together on Sept. 12. Didn’t we all secretly hope we’d be the mother of Ry-Ry’s babies?

Oh, eternal darkness. Hope gargles out its dying breath…

Needless to say, we’re all pretty bummed about this joyous occasion for the couple. Don’t get us wrong: We’re happy for them and all, but we’re also consumed with intense jealousy. It’s a fine line there. Not many details have been scavenged about the couple’s baby girl, so for now our imaginations are free to run wild. Naturally, we imagine she possesses the grace of Athena and the beauty of Aphrodite.

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As a petite pick-me-up and a ray of sunshine through the tumult of our present emotional climate, we figured some “Hey girl” memes can serve as balm to our wounds. We can reminisce about the good times we had with Ryan (in our heads) before he was a father. Oh, those were the days.

1. He always cared for our health

2. He always knew exactly what to say to make us smile

3. We loved it when he spoke “medical” to us

4. He never questioned our Pinterest obsession

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5. Now this is what we have come to

6. And she has it all! Cue uncontrollable sobs
See? Don’t you feel so much better after rehashing the past and staring at Ryan Gosling’s face? Yippee! In all seriousness — and only half bitterness — we wish the couple all the very best and congratulate them on their bébé.

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