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7 Things that will probably happen on Canada’s Smartest Person in GIFs

Canada’s Smartest Person is coming to a television near you and it’s probably bringing a whole train of clichés with it. We hope you’re ready!

Photo courtesy of CBC

Well, there’s a new show in town, y’all! CBC is going to test our country’s intelligence with brand new television series Canada’s Smartest Person, which will evaluate contestants through various stimuli and challenges in lieu of traditional trivia. Each week, four new contestants will battle it out in six categories of “smarts” and the winners will then compete in the finale for the coveted title of being Canada’s Smartest Person. Pretty exciting, right?

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Video courtesy of CBC

The show genuinely looks fun and interesting. We can’t wait to see the challenges chosen to test the contestants’ intelligence and how exactly they will be doing so. But, as with every game show, we must employ a giant eye of scrutiny on this one. Game shows tend to follow a certain mould, even if they are in a different format, so we can already foresee a handful of clichés brewing over yonder. These, in particular, will probably happen on Canada’s Smartest Person:

1. Puns on puns on puns

Parks and RecCourtesy of soyouwanttoplaytheviolin/Tumblr and NBC

There is not a single game show that does not take advantage of puns or horrible jokes. Expect lines like “show us your genius moves” or “he/she puts the smart in smartypants.” Oh, we cringe.

2. A dance round

Parks and RecCourtesy of liunarduss/Tumblr and NBC

Nothing is more evil than making non-professional dancers dance in front of a live audience. We can almost guarantee this will happen. We don’t know how or when, but it will.

3. There will be a contestant who actually thinks he’s the smartest person in Canada

Psych Courtesy of Arikeia/Tumblr and USA Network

There’s always that one guy (or gal)… There will be a contestant, who is unshakably convinced that he is smarter than any other person on the planet. From our experience of TV-binging, it is usually not validated.

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4. Someone will cry


Courtesy of dazed-in-cali/Tumblr and DreamWorks Pictures

This for some reason happens on all competitive shows. Someone will maybe tell a sad personal story and cry, or will make a presenter cry or will just cry out of frustration or game loss. The point is: Someone will tear up.

5. There will be challenges that have nothing to do with intelligence

Muppets Most WantedCourtesy of Giphy and Walt Disney Pictures

The premise of the show is that it will test one’s intelligence through different categories and challenges, but we are certain that some of those challenges will be just for fun or based on a paper-thin argument for legitimacy. There may potentially be a challenge involving women in bikinis (as is evidenced by the promotional clip).

6. There shall be a super hot contestant

David GandyCourtesy of kristinasays/Tumblr and Dolce & Gabbana

Somehow during the screening process, game shows always permit one or two mind-blowingly hot contestants. This contestant will be so hot that you will cry yourself to sleep for a week. Maybe even two weeks.

7. There will also be a contestant trying to prove something

Buzz LightyearCourtesy of Walt Disney/Tumblr and Walt Disney Pictures

It could be a fella who was bullied at school. A gal whose mother is boarding-school strict. Or just someone overcoming all odds. But there will be a contestant trying to prove something very meaningful and epic through the ridiculous and possibly demeaning challenges set up by the game.

Canada’s Smartest Person premieres on CBC on Sept. 28. We’ll see you on the couch, yes? Bring popcorn.

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