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Celebrate John Stamos’s new show with John Stamos GIFs

John Stamos is reportedly lending a hand in developing the Full House reboot, is set to star in ABC’s Members Only and is now getting a show of his own on Fox. High fives all around!

Photo courtesy of Brian To/

Looks like Uncle Jesse sure is keeping busy. Per Splitsider, Fox is developing a yet-to-be-titled comedy for the one and only John Stamos. Say whaaa? The new show has Dan Fogelman attached as executive producer and is written by The Office’s Danny Chun.

Stamos is set to play a bachelor (Full House flashback, anyone?), who discovers that he is a father and a grandfather. Pretty cool, right? But don’t worry; the actor is still involved in the development of the Full House reboot, which Netflix purportedly has its eye on. Stamos is also on board to star in the new ABC drama Members Only. So, we could potentially be on the brink of a John Stamos renaissance, everybody.

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To celebrate the big news — and the fact that Stamos is still single — let’s just bask in the glory of this beautiful man’s face. Sometimes, it’s the little things in life…

1. Remember when John kissed Jimmy with his perfect mouth?

Jimmy Fallon, John Stamos

Courtesy of Fallon Tonight/Tumblr

2. Have mercy!

John Stamos
Courtesy of Yahoo! Screen and Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt

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3. Well, this is just too much

John StamosCourtesy of sahibi/Tumblr and ABC

Are you excited to see more Stamos on TV? Or do you think his best days are behind him?

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