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Somebody call the fire department! Kim Kardashian is smoking hot in British GQ

Kim Kardashian has been named Woman of the Year by British GQ, and rightfully so. Just check out the star in the magazine’s newest issue. She is gorgeous!

We’re surprised the covers of the new British GQ didn’t catch fire straight off the printing press, because these photos are flaming hot. Kim Kardashian-West is gracing the cover (and numerous pages) with her naked self for the magazine’s Men of the Year issue, which is rather fitting, since GQ named the reality TV star its Woman of the Year. Looks like summer is back — it’s, like, a bazillion degrees in here.

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Kardashian shed her clothes for photographer Tom Munro (lucky turd, right fellas?) and is featured in various seductive poses, coyly covering her lady parts. It wouldn’t be GQ otherwise, right? You are more than welcome to ogle them:

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Although some people might scoff at the photo shoot for the general nakedness, we would like to commend Kardashian for the confidence she has in her body. Instead of being overly critical or self-conscious, Kardashian is showing off her gorgeous curves and is — hopefully — slowly chipping away at the skinny trend. To be honest, we all could use a bit more self-assuredness.

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So, go curves! But seriously, how did she master those sexy eyes? Did she practice in front of a mirror for years, or is there an instructional video? We need to learn Kim’s ways.

What do you think of the photo shoot? Empowering or demeaning?

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