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The Parks and Rec Twitter account is giving me life right now

Fans of Parks and Rec will know that you can never have enough of that show, so follow the show on Twitter, and be entertained all day long. Do it.

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This is for all the super-cool people out there… If you adore NBC’s Parks and Recreation and would love to giggle yourself silly, then you simply must follow the show on Twitter. For real! It’s an obligation; otherwise what’s the point of life?

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The Parks and Rec Twitter account is full of hilarious goodness, involving GIFs, waffles, jokes, waffles, puns, waffles and epic battles for ultimate comedic prowess with other users. It’s amazing, we know. Here’s just a quick sampler to get you salivating for more:

The magnificent combat with Denny’s

Chillaxing in some silk jammies

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A dance that mimics the worm

A very compelling argument

What are you waiting for? Go follow them, and treat yo’ self!

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