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Yippee! Watch all the times April insulted Ann on Parks and Rec (VIDEO)

We just can’t get enough of NBC’s Parks and Recreation! Watch the compilation of the times April very successfully insulted Ann on the show.

Photo courtesy of Parks and Recreation/YouTube

Oh, bless almighty Zeus! Today is a good day. There are very few things April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) seems to loathe quite as much as Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) on Parks and Recreation… And now, NBC has created a glorious supercut of April’s best jabs at the beautiful unicorn that is Ann. Watch below and reminisce, friends!

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Video courtesy of Parks and Recreation/YouTube

April started her hating affair with Ann when she caught feelings for the latter’s ex-boyfriend Andy (Chris Pratt) and it really took off from there. Despite April eventually marrying Andy and, seemingly growing up, her disdain for Ann lingered. Of course, in the later seasons April’s taunts kind of seem like a security blanket as opposed to a general dislike for Ann. They sang “Time After Time” together, for Pete’s sake! That’s love right there.

This needs a separate paragraph. In Season 6, April even said “I love you” to Ann, thereby making them real fri-frie-friends! So, all those insults were for naught.

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So, enjoy the video and arm yourself with tissues, since the seventh and final season of Parks and Rec is due to premiere in the fall. Life will never be the same.

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