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David Fincher makes the best (and sexiest) Gap commercials

We don’t usually talk about commercials, but when an Oscar-winning director like David Fincher releases an ad for the Gap, that’s worth discussing, no?

Photo courtesy of Gap/Youtube

We don’t even know how to adequately react to this. The man who directed The Social Network, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has gifted the world with the best Gap — nay — the best commercials ever created. Oh, David Fincher, you saucy boy!

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Fincher directed a fresh pile of gorgeous Gap ads in black and white for the company’s “Dress Normal” campaign, some of which feature Anjelica Huston and Elizabeth Moss. We don’t usually say this about commercials, but, on Merlin’s beard, these are the most stunning ads we have ever laid our eyeballs on! The visuals, the music and the message come together in a perfect blend of awesome. And, to be honest, these are quite sexy.

Video courtesy of Gap/YouTube

Gap’s global CMO, Seth Farbman, told Mashable that the “Dress Normal” tagline is meant to be “gentle provocation, in a way” and is directed toward the Millennials, who are “pushing back on some of the chaos.” If you notice, the ads jump right in the middle of story and the characters are in a rush, but you never get to see the ending. It’s just an atmospheric snippet.

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Video courtesy of Gap/YouTube

Bravo, Mr. Fincher! We don’t think we’ve ever been more tempted to go to the Gap than we are now. Can all ads be as beautifully made as this one, please and thank you?

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