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Emma Stone’s new ‘do proves she is the cutest human being

Emma Stone went from adorable to completely flawless human being with a simple haircut. How is that even possible? The actress debuted the ‘do at the Venice Film Festival.

Photo courtesy of Rob Rich and

Oh, cruel, unknowable universe! When will thou permit us to rest from this agony? Our feeble bodies cannot possibly handle any more celebrity adorableness. We have limits, you know?

Emma Stone is a perfect human being — fact. The 25-year-old actress casually demonstrated her celestial beauty at the premiere of Birdman at the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday, wearing a gorgeous emerald green gown and a flawless short bob. Zeus give us strength…

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How in the world can such a cute human, who has seemingly reached the ceiling of human attractiveness, actually become even more irresistible with a simple haircut? We need answers. How? Stone looks so precious we almost fainted. Can we just take a look at her beautiful face again?

Emma Stone
Photo courtesy of Cinzia Camela/

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The red hair, the bob, the green dress… It’s all so stunning. Can you feel our burning tears of frustrated happiness? At this point, we are about thisclose to starting a cult in her honour. On a different — and less crazy — note, if you have red hair with a similar facial shape to Emma’s, please go get a short bob. You will be doing yourself and the world a huge favour. Thank you.

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