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Suck it TV! Community will be just fine on Yahoo! Screen (VIDEO)

Community is gone from TV, but not from our lives. Yahoo! has released the teaser trailer for the sixth season of the series and it’s looking promising.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo!

They thought they could destroy it, but this little TV show just keeps climbing out of its untimely grave every time. When NBC cancelled Community after the fifth season (so young!) in May, we thought all was lost. The series never managed to rake in enough ratings to keep afloat — despite being a fan and critic favourite — and the network decided to finally cut it loose. Hope began to fade… 

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But lo and behold! Out of the shiny money pockets of online streaming services emerged Yahoo!, gently wrapping Community into a blanket of promise and, most importantly, a guarantee for a sixth season. While we were initially skeptical about the company taking over the show, this new teaser trailer, which features zero new footage but pays a sweet homage to the previous seasons, is giving us some peace of mind:

Video courtesy of Yahoo!

As long as the cast and crew are on board (which they are) and as long as the spirit of Community is kept alive, we don’t care if the show is online or on the TV screen. The series is one of a kind, so it may never garner enough ratings to please a major network like NBC, but it may survive online. Huzzah, little buddy, huzzah!

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The writing for the sixth season is scheduled to begin this fall, with the first episode planned for release before the end of the year. Yahoo! Screen will work much like a TV network, with new episodes coming out weekly. So, we will be waiting with great anticipation for the resurrection of this glorious show, which we’d follow to the ends of the earth.

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