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James Franco went blond… and a little crazy

We’re not quite sure what to do with this. James Franco dyed his hair blond and has been posting some rather unsettling messages on his Instagram. What’s going on?
Maybe it’s all the fumes from the hair dye, but James Franco is giving us some serious lunatic vibes right now. First of all, the actor dyed his hair Nick Carter blond and even straightened it to perfectly exude the ’90s boy band look, which we are having mixed feelings about. It’s not just the colour — it’s the hair itself, paired with Franco’s semi-maniacal facial expression. It just seems like the look of a man who is about to store your body parts in his freezer. No offence, James.

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Franco is currently filming Michael, a movie about a gay man who turns into an anti-gay Christian minister, but it remains unclear if the hair change is actually for the role. Maybe the actor felt ripe for a quick makeover. Or maybe he found a time machine? Franco apparently enjoyed his new do so much that he felt compelled to Photoshop his face onto the bodies of ’90s boy banders, as we all are sometimes tempted to do. No, seriously.
Just another day in the life of James Franco and the unknowable universe within his head. Obviously the actor didn’t stop there. He then posted another selfie on Instagram, with the caption, “He thinks: ‘I wish I was Ryan Gosling, but I’m just me, oh well.'”
Are we supposed to be interpreting this as a cry for help? What was in that hair dye? Mercury? The thing with James Franco is that one can never tell if he is being serious or not. We have a feeling he might actually be off his rocker and is secretly weaving a sweater from hair he collects from other people’s hairbrushes. Or he’s pickling toenails in jars along his windowsill. Or he’s writing poetry using only the words “the” and “a.” What if?

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In all seriousness, he probably dyed his hair for the role and just likes messing with his followers, but it’s more fun to be dramatic about it. What do you think of Franco’s blond do? We want to see overalls on that man next.

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