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The “Cupcake” song reminds us that the end is nigh

From the good people who brought you “Friday” and “Chinese Food,” comes a brand new hit called “Cupcakes.” Oh yes, it’s as inspiring as it sounds.

Photo courtesy of PatoMuzic/YouTube

Well, this is it… The end cometh for us. Goodbye, everybody! Seriously, the world should come together to prohibit writers from contributing to PatoMuzic, the mastermind behind timeless hits like “Friday,” “It’s Thanksgiving,” “Chinese Food” and now — cue violent sobbing sounds in the background — a song called “Cupcakes.”

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The music video features Gina Naomi Baez belting out the tune about the confectionery sanctity of cupcakes, whilst her dog Tinkerbelle comes along to watch her hand out the baked treats to random strangers. Nothing unsafe about that, right?

Video courtesy of PatoMuzic/YouTube

The video obviously raises more questions than it provides answers. Why are children happily accepting cupcakes from a woman dressed as a child, who may or may not be in her 30s? For the record, that’s a no-no. Why cupcakes? If you listen closely, you can almost hear thousands of dentists screaming in agony at the thought of cupcakes being promoted as a great snacking option… 

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Our biggest question though is in regards to the shooting of the video. When Gina tosses the cupcakes to unsuspecting strangers and the majority of the recipients fumble and drop them, why wasn’t that re-shot? These poor people are now forever immortalised as cupcake-droppers with petrified facial expressions.

Cupcake song
Photo courtesy of PatoMuzic/YouTube

They’re fun to watch though, over and over again. Well, it’s time to stock up on canned goods before the apocalypse dawns upon us. What did you think of “Cupcakes?”

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