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The Chainsmokers’ new song makes us want to be like Kanye

The Chainsmokers have done it again, y’all! The duo released a brand new infectious song called “Kanye,” about a certain famous rapper that we all secretly love.

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We hope you’re ready to hear your new favourite song… If you’re into dubstep songs about Kanye West, that is. The Chainsmokers — the same fellas who gifted us with the viral hit “#Selfie” — are back at it again with a brand new tune named “Kanye.” Can you guess what it’s about?

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The song was released on Tuesday and is already making waves on the great all-knowing internet. But it’s hardly surprising since we all kind of want to be like Kanye, don’t we? If you can get on board with the high-pitched, processed vocals and intense beats, this song is perfect for a night on the town and reminds us all of how wonderful Kanye West really is.

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We too don’t need a telescope to see where we are going. We too want to stand with a crown on our heads like a god, yeah, like a god. Not to mention that we definitely want to do what we want and have it our way. This song is just giving us the lyrics to our dreams.

What do you think of the song? Do you think it’s going to be as huge as “#Selfie?”

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