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So, here’s a video of Dame Helen Mirren twerking — No biggie

Dame Helen Mirren is full of surprises. The biggest of which, is her hidden twerking talent that she happily showed off at Live! With Kelly and Michael.

Photo courtesy of LIVE with Kelly and Michael/YouTube

This may have been the final puzzle piece — we have officially seen everything. Except, Bruce Willis dressed as a Spice Girl doing the moonwalk. That’s still on our list (don’t ask why). But this… This is a glorious chunklet of footage that will change lives.

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Dame Helen Mirren — who is 69 years old by the way — paid an adventurous visit to Live! With Kelly and Michael to converse about and show off her magnificent gift for twerking. Oh yes, the woman twerked. She twerked it up real good. Take a look:

Video courtesy of LIVE with Kelly and Michael/YouTube

Michael is not half-bad either, eh? But honestly, was your official reaction similar to ours? What did you spill on your lap?

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GIF courtesy of and Netflix

Since we support a woman’s right to shake what her mamma gave her and to utilise her booty in ways that she sees fit, we would like to officially give Dame Mirren the highest of the fives. The actress is still fearless, hilarious and has the energy of a puma; you have to respect that. Plus, how many 69-year-olds know what “twerking” is?

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We would like to officially submit a request, or rather a petition, to the royal house to film Queen Elizabeth doing the twerk. That will complete our lives. For the love of the Commonwealth! Who would you like to see twerking next?

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