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Into the Woods trailer is here and it’s magical

Finally! We have been waiting for a teaser trailer for Into the Woods forever and it has finally arrived. The film looks incredible and is filled with stars.

Photo courtesy of WaltDIsneysStudiosAU/YouTube

Into the woods, into the woods, into the woods! Guess which movie trailer came out on Thursday? If you said Into the Woods, you are absolutely correct. Can we already say we love this musical? Because we totally do. Just watch the trailer already.

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Video courtesy of WaltDisneyStudiosAU/YouTube

Did that not blow your mind just now? First of all, it is the most magical-looking production in the world. Second of all, did you see all the famous faces in there? Let us walk you through it… There’s Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine and Johnny Depp. How crazy is that? Director Rob Marshall pretty much emptied out Hollywood for this film.

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We must note that as excited as we are for this musical — and we’re about one step away from throwing a party for it — we do have some qualms about the handling of the production. If you haven’t seen the original musical on stage, it’s rather complicated and long, with the densest plot in the history of plots. It’s basically all of the most iconic fairy tales interwoven together with a couple of modern twists. We’re concerned about how all of that story will be jammed into a Disney film without getting unbearably confusing.

But enough about that. Rob Marshall did direct Chicago and that was amazing, so we’re going to trust him. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to rent some medieval dresses and make Into the Woods-themed cupcakes. The film is hitting theatres on Dec. 25 — will we see you there?

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