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Why this Ariana Grande parody will have us rubbing on that SPF

Rumer Willis has come together with Constantine Rousouli and Jake Wilson to parody Ariana Grande’s “Problem” and promote the use of sunscreen.

Photo courtesy of thebatterco / YouTube

We love us a good parody, but what do we love even more? A good parody featuring a bunch of half-naked buff men, that’s what. And the universe hath provided us with just that. Thank you, great cosmos!

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Rumer Willis (Bruce Willis and Demi Moore‘s daughter) teamed up with Constantine Rousouli and Jake Wilson to create a fake PSA for keeping yourself safe in the sun, called “SPF,” parodying Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea’s single “Problem.” This may possibly be the greatest thing we have seen all week.

It’s hilarious. It’s all about nakedness and sends out such a great message. We really do need to rub that SPF on. Good point. We especially enjoyed Willis’ half whispers and sunblock-slathering technique — top-notch! We are not at all jealous, except we are. Touching muscly men’s bodies is our job.

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We understand that we were supposed to walk away knowing the importance of sunscreen, but that’s not really what is occupying our minds right now. Here are the only reasons we will be purchasing a surplus of sunblock immediately:

1. We want naked men to dance for us

Photo courtesy of thebatteryco / YouTube

2. Just this

Photo courtesy of thebatteryco / YouTube

3. This is literally our lifelong dream

Photo courtesy of thebatteryco / YouTube

Jokes aside, sunblock is important. Please use it and not just because you want hot men to shake their booties around you — although that is a great motivator.

What did you think of the parody?

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