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One Direction turns 4: Check out how the fellas have changed

Believe it or not, One Direction formed a whopping four years ago. The fellas have since released three albums and have been continuously evolving as musicians.

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Who knew five fully dressed men could have the internet go coconuts? If you didn’t have it marked on your calendar, Wednesday celebrated the fourth anniversary since One Direction was enchantingly forged in the depths of musical genius and unleashed upon the mortal world of teenage girls… Spreading joy and catchy tunes wherever they went. It’s been four years, you guys. Raise your hand if you suddenly feel old.

It seems crazy that not too long ago, the fellas — Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn — were complete unknowns and now are some of the biggest names within the music industry. The band has already released three albums in the past four years, earned countless awards and gained millions of fervent fans. Now, there’s a job well done.

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Side note: One Direction has also blossomed into a super band of hot men. For real. You could cook breakfast on those sizzling bodies and even Leonardo Da Vinci would line up to paint these guys. So much pretty going on there.

To celebrate our four years of secretly obsessing over this band, let’s examine their evolution from children to hunky men through music videos. Hooray!

1. “What Makes You Beautiful” – Up All Night (2011)

Video courtesy of One Direction VEVO/YouTube

2. “Live While We’re Young” – Take Me Home (2012)

Video courtesy of One Direction VEVO/YouTube

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3. “Best Song Ever” – Midnight Memories (2013)

Video courtesy of One Direction VEVO/YouTube

4. “You & I” – Midnight Memories (2013)

Video courtesy of One Direction VEVO/YouTube

Look at that, from babies to men. We couldn’t have been more proud of these fellas. Keep doing what you’re doing and maybe start making shirtless music videos? Just a suggestion.

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