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7 Things we just learned about Blake Lively from Vogue

We are hopelessly in love with Blake Lively, y’all. The actress took a stab at 73 questions for a Vogue digital series, and she is more incredible than we thought.

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We all know that Blake Lively is a gorgeous blond unicorn of magic and goodness, but how much do you actually know about the actress herself? We’re talking about that… What’s it called? Oh, personality. You know, that thing we’re supposed to be more interested in than her almost-perfect exterior? Yeah, that.

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We kid. We’ve obviously taken notice of Lively’s equally vibrant personality (although, seriously, can we have her wardrobe or what?). The Gossip Girl actress agreed to a challenge for Vogue‘s digital series “73 Questions,” answering the magazine’s — surprisingly enough — 73 questions at lightning speed. It was pretty hilarious and mucho adorable.

Video courtesy of Vogue / YouTube

Aside from the obviously scripted round of Q&A — we wish the answers were improvised — Blake’s personality really took front and centre. She’s just such an inviting person, who knew? We also love how she keeps referring to Ryan Reynolds as “my husband,” without ever actually mentioning his name. It’s so stinkin’ cute.

Obviously we’re not going to reveal all her answers, but here are some tidbits of information we found particularly interesting and useful for our “Blake Lively Stalking Manual.” Enjoy.

1. She was given an Irish red setter this year

Boy, are we friends with the wrong people. No one gives us dogs, ever. It’s really sweet that receiving a dog was the highlight of Lively’s year. It’s like she’s a normal person and stuff.

2. Her favourite season is fall

Blake is from California, so we’re not sure if her definition of fall is the same as ours. We’re going to assume she is referring to a New York or Paris autumn and not the blistering hot season they dubbed “fall” in Los Angeles. If leaves don’t change colour and shed, it’s not autumn, people.

3. Her mom once brought home a child from a yard sale?

OK, we need to hear the rest of this story. Blake listed this as the biggest surprise she has ever gotten… But how did this happen? Did her mom purchase the child? Steal the child? What’s the story there?

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4. Her favourite dessert is chocolate soufflé

That’s so funny, because it’s our favourite dessert too. Bestie alert? Next time Blake is in Canada, we need to have a sleepover and make soufflé together. Deal?

5. Her favourite fashion icon is her mama

We almost died. Lively is the sweetest human being in the world, who looks up to her mom for style inspiration. Seriously, our hearts are little piles of goo right now.

6. Her spirit animal is Mickey Mouse

We don’t really know what to do with this information, nor do we fully understand the implications of that statement. This is for a psychologist to unravel.

7. Her favourite movie is Wizard of Oz

Again, adorable. Despite being this leggy, stunning woman with an intimidating appearance, she is the cutest person in the world. We would cuddle with her any day.

Well, we are in love with Blake Lively now. If Ryan Reynolds screws up this marriage thing, we will personally kick his bum. As a side note, Lively’s website, Preserve (akin to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop), has officially launched a few days early, so check it out.

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