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Which The Simpsons character is kicking the bucket next season?

Al Jean, the executive producer of The Simpsons, may have just revealed the major character prepped for death in the Season 26 premiere. But who is it?

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So, it was revealed many a millennia ago (it wasn’t actually that long ago) that a major The Simpsons character is going to be offed in Season 26, sending the internet intelligentsia into a speculative frenzy. People were freaking out.

The show’s executive producer Al Jean did not ease the tension whatsoever, when he recently announced that the first episode of the new season is going to be titled “Clown in the Dumps”… You guys, it’s going to be Krusty the Clown! Krusty is going to be wacked next season — what the flip is flipping happening?

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To add fuel to this raging fire, Jean also stated that the actor voicing the doomed character has previously won an Emmy, which Dan Castellaneta — voice of Krusty — totally has. It’s all starting to make sense. Morbid, twisted, melancholy sense.

When asked point-blank if Krusty is indeed the one destined for the heavens in Season 26 at the Television Critics Association press tour, Jean simply said, “I didn’t say I was killing Krusty… I didn’t say I wasn’t.”

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Answer the question, you… you… you pansy. We’re sure many fans are losing their marbles as we speak, since Krusty is an incredibly popular character. Then again, all of this could be a ploy to throw the fan-base off the trail. Let’s not forget the other characters still eligible for a jolly Simpsons-style killing like Sideshow Bob, Bart, Lisa and even Marge. Jean could just be throwing us a curveball. We must stay vigilant.

How do you feel about Krusty biting the dust? Who would you rather meet his or her Maker?

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