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Zayn Malik’s Instagram account went public — you’re welcome!

Attention, ladies! One Direction’s Zayn Malik’s Instagram account has just become public, so now you can drool over his selfies all day long. Is this the best day ever or what?

Photo courtesy of Adriana M. Barraza /

OK, Harry Styles may have the most gorgeous hair out of the bunch, but Zayn Malik is one hot piece of English tush. All those tattoos? Come on!

Luckily for the female populace of the world, Malik’s private Instagram account has just gone public, thereby unleashing the hotness within upon the universe. This is not a drill; there are some seriously beautiful photos in there. Mostly selfies.

Obviously we’re not selfish people around here. So we’re going to share the crème de la crème of the 21-year-old One Directioner’s Instagram for your viewing pleasure. You are so welcome.

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Being pretty for no reason

Holding a kitty

Mr. Bedroom Eyes

Johnny Depp in studio with Ed Sheeran and Zayn Malik >>

Sweet baby Zeus…

Sweet baby Zeus times two…
So, which one is your favourite? Sharesies. We choose the last two, because, well, he’s so gorgeous.

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