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How can we find Sarah Michelle Gellar’s lemonade stand?

Apparently, Sarah Michelle Gellar may have her own lemonade stand. This changes everything and now our ultimate mission is to find it at whatever cost.

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We suppose the budget may be looking pretty lean at the Gellar-Prinze household, after Sarah Michelle Gellar’s CBS show The Crazy Ones was cancelled in May… but you gotta do what you gotta do. The 37-year-old actress has decided to launch her own business — a lemonade stand.

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Gellar tweeted a photo of herself behind — what must be — the classiest lemonade stand in all of North America on Sunday, with the caption “Got to earn a living somehow rt?” No further explanation for the adorable picture was provided, which leads us to the following questions: Where is this lemonade stand located? How much is one glass of this magical liquid? What are the hours of operation? Will Gellar’s hubby Freddie Prinze Jr. also be there? Who can give us a ride to Los Angeles, like, right now?

We’re not the only ones curious about the whereabouts of this little business; many of Gellar’s fans are inquiring about the details of the stand. Some have even asked if rum can be used as an add-on to the lemonade and one brilliant user dubbed Gellar the “Lemon Slayer,” which actually elevated our living experience by about a hundred points. Oh, Internet, you did it again.

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We can pretty much narrow this bad boy down to Los Angeles; all we need is for someone to drive up and down every street in the city until they locate it. Who wants to volunteer as tribute? This would be the ultimate piece of ’90s memorabilia, a glass of lemonade made by Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself… sweet baby Zeus. Granted, we hope the actual lemonade is not from the ’90s.

So, let’s go, our little minions of stalker-tude. Scour every corner of L.A. until you locate Gellar with her lemonade stand, then alert us and we’ll get a carpool going. Deal?

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