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Rihanna totally wins the World Cup — on Twitter

Sure, it may have been the Germans who won the actual World Cup, but the tweeting storm of support for the team was led by Rihanna and her social media prowess.

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It appears that no one enjoyed the World Cup final quite as much as Rihanna. The 26-year-old singer — who was on hand at the stadium in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday — screamed with the Germans, drank with the Germans, touched the actual World Cup with the Germans and even flashed her lady bits at the Germans. All in all, it was just another day of spreading joy for RiRi.

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The biggest party though was happening on Rihanna’s Twitter account. If you haven’t been following the singer during the World Cup, you have missed out. She is, without a single doubt, the best and hottest tweeter of soccer thangs. We’re not even kidding.

Since most of the globe is still in celebration mode and because Germans have done so splendidly during the World Cup, let’s review some of these fantastic Rihanna tweets, shall we? It’s for a good cause after all.

1. RiRi’s gift to her “German boys”

2. Or like the ocean without water

3. Selfies and flashes

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4. Victory is upon us

5. Too much good lookin’ right there

6. Basically, RiRi totally won at life

OK, so not all of us held and made out with the World Cup… But how did you celebrate the final? Who did you cheer for?

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