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John Legend’s music video for “You and I” will empower every woman

John Legend has just released the music video for “You and I,” featuring women of different ethnicities, sizes and age. It’s bound to empower you!

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Wow, so many feels right now. Rarely does a music video fill us up with warm, fuzzy clusters of adoration, awe and pure unadulterated emotion, but this one did just that.

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Magical human being that John Legend is, the 35-year-old singer released the official music video for his single “You and I” on Thursday, and it is full of wonderment. Set to the backdrop of Legend’s touching song, the video captures women of different backgrounds, ethnicities, sizes and ages as they look at themselves through a one-way mirror — as in, they’re looking at the viewer as they are looking at themselves. It’s pretty intense.

Video courtesy of John Legend Vevo / YouTube

Isn’t that beautiful? There are obviously a few standout moments that will resonate differently from person to person, but we are not afraid to admit we cried big time watching this. If you haven’t spotted them, Laverne Cox, Chrissy Teigen and Tatyana Ali made quick appearances in the clip.

The music video is accompanied by a short documentary titled When I Look in the Mirror, delving into the different stories of the women behind the music video and aiming to raise awareness for the #OperationGirl Charity Challenge, bringing various organizations to educate and protect the rights of women.

Video courtesy of EverDream / Vevo

“We live in a world where egregious injustices occur regularly against girls and women. We have a responsibility to take action and disrupt the conditions that allow for such tragedies to occur,” Legend stated. “Through #OperationGirl we hope to amplify the voices and impact of the many organizations doing great work on behalf of girls and women.”

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We think this initiative is incredibly commendable, and we love Legend even more for it. Women are still faced with an almost unbearable amount of prejudice (often amongst themselves) around the world, and it’s time to eradicate it. By simply raising awareness, Legend is already accomplishing so much.

What do you think of the music video and the documentary? How do you feel about #OperationGirl?

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