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Ryan Gosling may be having a baby with Eva Mendes… And not Rachel McAdams

Well, he won’t be able to “hey girl” his way out of this one. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are allegedly expecting their first child together. Surprise!

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What the flock is this? This wasn’t sanctioned. Per recent rumours, Eva Mendes may be with child. Let’s rephrase that, Eva Mendes may be carrying Ryan Gosling‘s child. No, let’s rephrase that again, Eva Mendes may have just viciously murdered the hopes and dreams of women everywhere by possibly carrying Ryan Gosling’s offspring. There.

OK! magazine was first to report the pregnancy, claiming Mendes is already seven months along and has been laying low to avoid being photographed with a baby bump. If we were carrying Gosling’s baby, we’d parade that bump around with pride, but, like, whatever.

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Obviously, congrats to the — possibly, maybe — happy parents-to-be and blah blah blah… But this is not the point. This means that Gosling will actually never be with Rachel McAdams again. Everybody knows that the rule is: Gosling either dates McAdams or he dates us. He seems to be misinterpreting his destiny.

Gosling is Canadian. McAdams is Canadian. They were in The Notebook together (and you can’t forget that kind of stuff). He’s super hot and she’s perfect. It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over! Although, Ry-Ry impregnating Mendes does complicate life a little. Wait, can they raise the baby as a trio? Is that a thing? Could we make it a thing?

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Now, while we burn all of our McGosling hand-embroidered pillows and that nude oil painting of Gosling posing like Rose from Titanic… Feast your eyes on the festering wound that the internet is afflicted with, now that Rachel and Ryan may never reunite.


Say it ain’t so

We’re right behind you

One can only hope

Well, we believe it is time for that ice cream. Stay strong, ladies. This is just a rumour; although, it’s probably true. Godspeed to us all.

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