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Have you seen Lance Bass’ bright blue hair yet?

Lance Bass is clearly not afraid of changes. The former ‘N Sync member debuted bright blue hair via Instagram, inspired by the My Little Pony series.

Now, that’s ice cold! Former ‘N Sync-er Lance Bass is looking a little different nowadays and it may have something to do with that sweet bright blue hue he has been rocking on his noggin’. It’s kind of hard to miss…

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The singer debuted his new ‘do on Instagram last week under the hashtag #MyLittleBrony — which is a trending moniker for adult male My Little Pony fans — and devoted the colourful change to Frankie Grande of Big Brother season 16 (and Ariana Grande’s brother), who also struts a vibrant coiffure. Initial thoughts?

We actually like Bass’ hairdo even better than Grande’s. The brightness of it all is magically suiting and interesting. You can now spot Lance from the Canadian border all the way down in Los Angeles and isn’t that the point of life anyway? Seriously, we’re 98 per cent sure his hair glows in the dark.

Now, we’re curious whether Bass is actually a My Little Pony fan or if he is just supporting Frankie on Big Brother. These are just the sorts of things that keep us up at night. So, if Lance can just clarify that for us or come over to watch the show with us, that’d be fantastic.

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On a related — but somewhat different — note, a Canadian-American documentary on the brony phenomenon, A Brony Tale, has hit theatres today, so if you would like to learn more about this movement or have trouble understanding it, check it out.

Video courtesy of Movie Trailers/YouTube

What do you think of Lance’s new hair? Are you at all interested in watching A Brony Tale?

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