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5 New nicknames for Justin Bieber and his super-buff bod

Justin Bieber is no longer the scrawny kid from a small Canadian town. He is a super-buff pop icon. Hence, we thought we’d give him a brand new nickname to reflect his new self.

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Holy mother of Zeus! Justin Bieber has come a long way since his hair-flipping “Baby” days. Now he is a 20-year-old hunky McGee. Seriously, the guy is super fit.

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Bieber shared his workout progress on Instagram on Thursday, posting a humblebrag collage of himself in the gym, curling 40-pound weights with his poppin’ pecs and bulging biceps. Oh! And his back is so sculpted that you could ride a mountain bike on that thing. We’re not kidding!

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Back in the gym #dontbescared #orangegymrats

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How crazy is that? What happened to the skinny little kid from Stratford? He is as long gone as Bieber’s spotless criminal record. We almost feel as if Justin deserves a reassessment, since his old nicknames — Biebs or J.Biebs — do not fully reflect the magnitude of his incredibly buff body. So, we have graciously taken it upon ourselves to redub him with a more suitable and glorious moniker. You are welcome, world!

1. J.Pecs

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Stay healthy

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2. Justabs Buffliever

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Runnin with @howuseeit who do u think is faster

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3. Gymstin Biebabs

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Me and the homies in Cannes

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4. Buffman Bieceps

5. Jussayin’ Biebuff

Which nickname is your favourite? Do you have any ideas to add to this beautiful list? Justin, if you are reading this, we are not opposed to more frequent shirtless Instagrams from the gym. Godspeed, good people!

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