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5 Hilarious Twitter reactions to the USA-Germany World Cup match

Probably the vast majority of folks were a little confused by Team USA’s advancement in the World Cup, despite the loss against Germany. Twitter users saw it as an opportunity to make some apt jokes.

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We think everybody was eagerly watching Germany quash our star-spangled banner-wielding Southern friends on Thursday with a close score of 1-0, only to be notified that the U.S. miraculously progressed to the World Cup knockout stages as runners-up on goal differential — courtesy of Portugal’s 2-1 win over Ghana. So, basically, the only thing we learnt is that soccer makes absolutely no sense.

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Arguably, the best part of the entire match was the aftermath, as disgruntled and confused American soccer fans tried to figure out what in the world happened. Luckily for us, they did so via Twitter and we can now enjoy these little treasures of comedic genius. Here are some of our favourites:

Oh, the American dream…

Nobody should pull a Sandler

They did it!

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For ‘Merica!

A for effort, guys

What did you think of the match? Are the rules confusing you as well?

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