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Guess who the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity is!

Not all vegetarians look like bums, y’all! PETA has unveiled this year’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity, and we could not agree more with their selection.

Photo courtesy Nikki Nelson /

Sweet baby Moses, the gods of PETA have chosen their leaders. Gaze deep into those two iceberg-crisp, Lake Tahoe-blue eyes, and rest easy knowing they belong to this year’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity: Jared Leto.

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PETA has announced that Leto beat Joaquin Phoenix, Woody Harrelson, Samuel L. Jackson and Peter Dinklage for the title of sultriest vegetarian star, and we can hardly argue against this wise decision. It was a tough call, but Leto does have the luscious locks of a majestic stallion and a face worthy of the Sistine Chapel. OK, maybe it wasn’t such a tough call, after all.

Ellen Page
Photo courtesy of Dan Jackman /

The 42-year-old actor is joined on the throne by his female counterpart, Ellen Page, who has earned the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity title in the women’s division. The 27-year-old Juno actress beat out Ariana Grande, Sarah Silverman and Laura Prepon for the spot on the top, which also does not surprise us. Look at this woman! That gorgeous hair and those deep, sultry brown eyes… Yup, she’d top our list too.

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OK, if these hotties are not motivation enough to quit meat, then we don’t know what is — other than saving cute little animals, of course. We’re glad these celebrities remind us all that vegetarians don’t always dress in hemp tees, yoga pants and drink kombucha tea from foldable water bottles. They can be sexy.

Who do you think is the sexiest vegetarian celebrity?

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