Wonder what Sigourney Weaver looked like in high school?

Thanks, internet! Since we’re major fans of sci-fi around these parts, we were very excited to see a high school photo of Sigourney Weaver floating around on Twitter.

Photo courtesy of Ivan Nikolov / WENN.com

Oh, great internet, how we love thee! The web is seriously the most magical place in the world, allowing us to know and see things we’d never be able to otherwise. Case in point: Have you ever wondered what Sigourney Weaver looked like in her teenage youth?

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We sure have. Honestly, who wasn’t mesmerized by Weaver’s immeasurable coolness as Ellen Ripley in the Alien movies? Naturally we’ve all nursed a secret obsession with the actress and her demigodly ability to age so darn gracefully. Luckily for the universe, a generous Twitter user has posted a photo of the actress straight out of her high school yearbook — complete with her senior quote! Is that amazing, or is that amazing?

Considering that Weaver is a pioneer in the science fiction movie genre, having received a landmark Academy Award nomination for her role in Alien in 1986 (sci-fi was not getting much official recognition before then) and having simultaneously challenged the preconceived gender roles in films at the time, she definitely did not turn out “normal.” She’s the Sci-Fi Queen, for crying out loud!

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It’s strange to be allowed such an intimate look into the pre-fame life of a celebrity, since Weaver probably had absolutely no idea she would be such an influential woman in her lifetime. This is why the internet is awesome, in every sense of the word.

What do you think of this photo and quote? Suiting, no? Anyone else having a total sci-fi geek-out moment?

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