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Katy Perry’s new look scares the eyebrows off us

Katy Perry really surprised us by posting a shot on Instagram showing off her bleached eyebrows. We were freaking out at first, but it’s growing on us.

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Holy shipsticks! Is that actually Katy Perry? No lie, we were thisclose to ruining our pants (you’re welcome for the visual). If you haven’t noticed already, there is something quite different about the 29-year-old singer — mainly the general lack of visible eyebrows, which have been bleached for purposes unknown. Perry revealed her invisible brows on Wednesday via Instagram:

Before we even proceed, we would like to applaud Perry’s constant style innovation and courage. That said, this is slightly frightening. We’re not sure if it’s actually the bleached eyebrows, the colourful buns, the piercing baby blues, the blinding amount of bling or the seemingly random curly hair on her forehead. Maybe a combination of all?

Full disclosure, we did not think it was Katy Perry at first. Several possibilities swirled through our brains before we realized it was the “Roar” singer. Since we need a bit of validation for our hyperventilation (that rhymed!), here’s what we thought we were looking at first:

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A Tim Burton character

At first glance, no? There’s just something very sinister about Perry’s facial expression in combination with the hair, no eyebrows and the jewels. We could see her playing a villain in a Tim Burton film — no contest.

A bedazzled Victorian porcelain doll

Those porcelain dolls that had real human hair but looked awfully eerie as they aged. The ones you could probably find in your grandma’s attic, perched creepily on top of an old writing desk. Except in Perry’s case, she’s a bit sparklier than a Victorian porcelain doll. Again, this was at first glance. Katy is usually adorable.

An anime person, girl, character thingy

The big eyes, the jewellery, the strange features (eyebrows) and the two schoolgirl-style green buns? Katy Perry can definitely fit in at an anime convention now. All she needs are stockings and a puffy skirt.

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Frankly, we think Perry was going for a more unusual or even shocking look; otherwise we doubt she’d bleach her eyebrows. While we may jest, the singer really does have an uncanny ability to pull off any look, and this one is no exception. We love her too much to disapprove of anything she ever does.

What do you think of her new eyebrows? Love it? Or not so much?

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