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Who’s ready for a Destiny’s Child reunion?

Transformers, assemble! Just kidding. The ladies of Destiny’s Child have come together for Michelle Williams’ single “Say Yes” as well as for the video. It’s pretty amazing!

Photo courtesy of Brian To /

Well, this is not an official reunion, but it’s closer than that millisecond moment at the Super Bowl in 2013. The ladies of Destiny’s Child have reassembled for the single “Say Yes” off Michelle Williams’ upcoming album, Journey to Freedom, and the music video hath arrived, y’all! If you don’t remember, Michelle is the other one… The one who is not Kelly or Beyoncé. Check out the video below:

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Video courtesy of Michelle Williams VEVO / YouTube

First things first. Who knew Michelle had such an impressive set of pipes on her? She barely ever had a chance to show them off during the Destiny’s Child days. Now, gospel tunes are not everybody’s cup of tea, but this was allegedly inspired by a Nigerian hymn, and we love the traditional African choreography (and drums!) incorporated into the music video. This song also has an infectious beat and a vibrant aesthetic. Whether or not you’re a lover of all things gospel, you’ve got admit this tune is catchy!

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But let’s be honest, the million-dollar shot is this right here. This music video is all about Bey, Michelle and Kelly doing what they do best (albeit covered up, finally). Can you handle this?

Beyonce, Michelle, KellyPhoto courtesy of Michelle Williams VEVO / YouTube

Oh, this made us happy! Why can’t Destiny’s Child just get back together already, but for real? We’re waiting. Just imagine how well their first tour would do. What did you think of the music video?

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