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By the Seven! Queen Elizabeth is going to the Game of Thrones set

We didn’t even know Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were big Game of Thrones fans, but the royal couple are going to visit the set of the HBO series in Belfast.

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This is all kinds of exciting. Queen Elizabeth II is yet again proving that she is way cooler than we presume and fully intends to visit the epic Game of Thrones set in Belfast, Ireland. We have so many questions, requests and random visuals spinning around in our heads. But before we proceed, you must turn on the song below, in order to get properly pumped up for this.

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OK, now we can continue. The royal visit was announced on the official British Monarchy Twitter page (yes, they do have one). The queen and Prince Philip will be visiting Northern Ireland next week and obviously could not resist sneaking a peek of the Belfast studios where the popular HBO series is filmed. How neat is that?

Now we need to know, does the queen watch Game of Thrones or is this just an official gesture? How did she feel about the Red Wedding? What did Her Royal Highness think of the Season 4 finale? Did she high five Prince Philip when Joffrey croaked? These are all very important questions that we — the Commonwealth dwellers — would like answered (through the British Monarchy Twitter account, perhaps?).

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While we’re on the subject, we would like to see photos of the queen with members of the cast in full costume, please and thank you. We would also very much appreciate if Her Royal Highness snapped a selfie in the Iron Throne. This is all we need for full-fledged happiness; surely the House of Windsor would not deny us this favour? At least, we can hope, right?

While we wait for the queen to shimmy over to Belfast, we’d like to congratulate Game of Thrones on its most-watched season yet and the most-downloaded TV show finale of all time. Seriously, how great is it that Queen Elizabeth is going to visit the set? What if she scores a cameo in Season 5?

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