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Holy smokes! Rob Ford the Musical is in the making

Well, it seems we haven’t seen it all. Second City is putting together a Rob Ford the Musical just in time for September. Auditions for the titular character were held this weekend.

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Citizens of Toronto may rejoice knowing that the reputation Rob Ford has bestowed upon the city will now be forever immortalized in a musical slapped together by Second City. The crack gods must be very pleased with this offering.

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The comedy troupe is currently holding auditions for the role of the disgraced mayor for Rob Ford the Musical: Birth of a Ford Nation, which attracted a small legion of blond, crack pipe-toting, suited-up candidates to the Second City training centre in Toronto. Sounds like a good time, no?

The production will be based on facts and will feature a “spiritual guide” named Transgression, which will attempt to get Ford to admit to his mistakes and the instability of his life. Writer Brett McCaig told the Toronto Star that the musical will not be “90 minutes of Ford bashing” but rather a retelling of his story.

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The last five pages of the script are yet to be written, since the mayor is yet to be released from rehab and may provide bonus creative material for the production. The auditions for the titular character were allegedly “colour blind,” requiring only a stature resembling Ford’s, which is very refreshing.

We are actually somewhat excited about this. Ford has had his share of attention, but we’re hoping Rob Ford the Musical will reinvent the mayor and not sink into cheap puns. The production is scheduled to run for two weeks in September. What do you think? Would you watch it?

Twitter has some ideas for what to call the musical

Tell us: What would you call it?

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