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Are you following Hilaria Baldwin’s yoga-tastic Instagram?

Hilaria Baldwin is not just Alec Baldwin’s wife — she’s also an incredibly inspiring yogini, posting fantastic daily yoga postures on her Instagram. You should definitely follow her!

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Our jaws have not dropped to the floor whilst browsing an Instagram account since Rihanna still had hers up, but this… This is incredible!

Alec Baldwin‘s wife, Hilaria Baldwin, had made a New Year’s resolution to post a yoga posture daily on Instagram, and while she might not be doing so every single day, the yoga instructor has been pretty loyal to that task. The best part is that she poses in the most ridiculous settings, adding an excellent comedic spin to the shots and demonstrating the versatility of yoga. Her latest masterpiece (posted on Monday) is of herself posing practically naked and upside down, steering a boat. We’re not even kidding.

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Granted, Baldwin did clarify that she is indeed wearing a bathing suit and not actually steering the boat, but what a risqué photo nonetheless! And this is just her latest installment in the #yogapostureoftheday series. Our favourites include the kitchen-themed ones:

And the ones randomly juxtaposed outside…

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How amazing are these? Not only are these educational and show the variations of yoga postures, but they’re just plain fun. Who wouldn’t be inspired to squeeze into a pair of stretchy pants and give some of these asanas a go? We sure are. So if you’re not following Mrs. Baldwin yet, then we suggest you do so immediately.

What do you think of the idea and the creativity behind these?

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