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Let’s all bask in the glory of Jennifer Lopez’s makeup-free selfie

We all know Jennifer Lopez is beautiful, super fit and talented, but this makeup-free Instagram selfie the singer posted on Sunday is just out of this world.

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Breaking news, everybody — Jennifer Lopez is flawless. Just kidding, we already knew that. But seriously, is it something in the water? The woman is actually thisclose to perfection, while we look like deflated balloons (us personally, not you).

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J.Lo has been taking it easy lately — probably in anticipation of the release of her new album A.K.A. on June 17 — by lying out in the sun, hanging out with her mama and taking super-hot sans makeup selfies by the pool. We ain’t complaining. While we love ourselves a good bikini selfie, we were actually more awestruck by a very simple makeup-free shot the singer posted on Sunday. Why? Because it’s beautiful, duh.

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Can you believe Lopez is 44 years old? That’s just crazy talk. We should all take a moment and quietly weep over the boundless gorgeousness of Jenny’s complexion… And then weep some more. OK, done. The singer is so stunning; we think there should be a ballad chronicling her beauty. Too much? Also, it turns out that J.Lo is not such a magnificent siren for no reason. She got it from her mama (for real):

Not only is that an adorable photo, but J.Lo’s mum is quite a stunner. Something went terribly, terribly right in that family’s genetics and we are very jealous. We’re glad we could spread some joy around the world and celebrate the wonderful woman that is Jennifer Lopez. Can we all start posting makeup-free selfies now? Even J.Lo is doing it.

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