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This jazzy Game of Thrones theme cover will perk up your day

We love when people get creative, and this is a bright example of that. The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys have restyled the Game of Thrones theme into a jazzy tune.

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All we need now is a cigarette holder (with no cigarette, mind you), a beret, a flapper dress and a comfortable seat in a speakeasy… The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys have taken the glorious theme of Game of Thrones and turned it into a jazzy, snap-your-fingers-tap-your-foot pièce de résistance at B.B. King’s Blues Club in New York on Monday. No, for real, this cover is incredible.

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It starts out pretty simple, but then — about 20 seconds in — the song really heats up. It makes you want to toss those merger contracts in the shredder and put on some moves. Don’t believe us? See for yourself, ye doubting Thomas.

Video courtesy of Swamp Donkeys/YouTube

Be honest, did that not blow your mind? We love how the band kept the bare bones of the GoT theme and dressed it up in some sexy New Orleans sounds. The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys are actually a New Orleans-style band, specializing in jazz, blues, vaudeville and jass originals. So obviously they felt right at home remaking this now-iconic theme into something a little different.

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So, did you love it, or did you love it? We’re curious if the theme song can be remade into a variety of other styles of music… There should be a collection, Game of Thrones — Re-imagined. We want credit for the idea, though.

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