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Jada Pinkett Smith must be immortal

Jada Pinkett Smith does not seem to be complying with the rules of aging, which leads us to believe she might be some kind of immortal being. Agree or disagree?

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OK, y’all. We have a theory brewing over here, and we’re going to share it. Open up those minds, because it’s about to get real up in here. We think Jada Pinkett Smith might be immortal or some kind of celestial being resistant to aging. Boom! This is happening.

The photo featured above is from 2001, meaning it was taken 13 years ago. Yet this Wednesday, the now 42-year-old Pinkett Smith posted a photo on Facebook from her vacation in Hawaii with Will Smith, looking just as young if not younger. Something sinister is afoot here, ladies. See for yourself:

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Seriously. Compare the two photos… How does she look exactly the same as she did at 29? Her hair is perfect, complexion stunning, and we don’t see any wrinkles. If this is the work of a plastic surgeon, then we must commend his or her medical craftsmanship, because this is glorious. Now, if this is natural, then we’d like to weep in jealousy for three days and three nights, please and thank you.

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We refuse to believe this woman has two children and is older than 30. We simply refuse. Either she must have faked her birth certificate to appear older, or she drinks the blood of a thousand virgins every night — the only two possible explanations for this youthful phenomenon.

What do you think? Do you have a theory? You’re welcome to also pay Pinkett Smith compliments, because she really does look gorgeous. We’re just super jealous.

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