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Impress your friends with fake World Cup facts

So, you don’t have to be a soccer expert to toss around a few facts during a World Cup discussion. But why do that if you can impress everyone with a bajallion fake facts?

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The whole world is buzzing with the 2014 FIFA World Cup right now, especially today’s opening match betwixt Brazil and Croatia. And despite the internal turbulence within the host country Brazil itself, the excitement is steadily rising.

This is obviously a glorious opportunity for everyone to pretend as if they are diehard soccer (or football, for the fancy folks out there) fans by spewing every bit of related trivia rattling around in those noggins at the slightest provocation. So we really hope you’ve brushed up on your FIFA World Cup basics — if not, what are you still doing here?

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Luckily for us — and now you — the great internet is a wondrous place that never ceases to amaze us and has concocted a brand new way for us to impress people. Well, sort of. Case in point, the hashtag #FakeWorldCupFacts mysteriously crept its way into the trending topics on Twitter (thanks to a Hashtag War launched by Comedy Central show @midnight) and literally entails random peeps making up World Cup “facts.” Seriously, how amazing is that?

You could probably fool a handful of people into believing these are actually true, and you definitely do not need to be a soccer pro to whip these out on whim. Naturally we’ve selected our favourites. You can thank us later (hint: We like fruit baskets).

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How it all started:

So, this is how it was invented…

True, eh?

We could go for a pink card right about now

Thanks, Scotland!

Ooh, it all makes sense now

That’s almost double the year before…

Will you be watching the World Cup? Which country are you cheering for?

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